2012 Boys National Youth Soccer Teams Announced

Local football (soccer) players Peter Marziano and St Ares Gilardi have been recently selected in the Victorian country team to compete at the upcoming National Youth Championships.

Peter Marziano and St Ares Gilardi are both involved in Football Federation Victoria’s  (FFA) Talented Player Development programs which are designed for young players to assist in their development over the long term and is based on the implementation of the FFA National Curriculum.

A National Championships tournament is only one component of a State Development Program and whilst beneficial, is not the final determinant in the overall development of an elite player.

The programs are designed to develop football skills with added support for the development of personal skills such as resilience and self reliance, two factors in becoming both an elite performer and valuable assets in life.

Coach contact for these programs has been increased to facilitate the 10,000 hours of deliberate practice necessary to achieving excellence as identified by many elite coaches.

Sunraysia Academy of Sport (SAS) is one of six Victorian Regional Academies which offer a dedicated football program. Peter has been a member of SAS for the past 2 years and St Ares joined the program at the start of this year.

The SAS program is designed to develop players from the Victorian Champions League (VCL) who have the potential to play at State representative level in regional male and female teams from the U13, U14 & U15 age groups.  The program starts in April and ends in September, which players training twice a week. Players have also been involved in regular strength and conditioning sessions as well as athlete and career education seminars.

The State Football Representative Program is designed to provide opportunities for players from the Regional Academy Program to represent Victoria at a National Football Championships. National Championship tours assist in the identification of players for national programs including junior national squads and programs run by Football Federation Australia (FFA).

With one metropolitan and one country team selected in both the U13 and U14 age group. Peter Marziano has been selected in the final team for the Victorian Under 13 Boys Country side. St Ares Gilardi is a member of the Under 14 Boys Country Squad. Both boys will compete at the 2012 Boys National Youth Championships to be held in Coffs Harbour from 30th September until the 6th October 2012.

We would like to congratulate both boys on their selection and encourage them to make the most of this opportunity they have been given to represent Victoria at a National Championships.


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