The objective of the Individual Athlete Support Program is to offer support opportunities that combine to provide a holistic approach to the athlete’s development.

Sunraysia Academy of Sport provides sport programs that integrates both the physical and mental aspects of elite sport through an athlete centred approach and focuses on the processes needed to achieve the required short and long term goals.

The 2016 Individual Athlete Support Program (IASP) will provide off-field programs and sessions to complement any on-field training that each athlete is already undergoing with their own coach.

SAS will support the coaching offered by the local and state sporting body, but will not deliver it.

Target Group:

Must be 12 years or older on 1st January of the current year, and up to 18 years of age

Musculoskeletal ScreensKinetic Exercise

Kinetic Exercise Physiology

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Damien Gibson- Wild Side Outdoors- sessions held at Chaffey Secondary College Chaffey Secondary CollegeGym.

12 Month Gym Membership- snap fitness.24-7  

844 Fifteenth Street

Mildura, VI 3500Snap-Fitness

Athlete Education sessions through out the year including:
  • goal setting and time management
  • sports nutrition
  • sport psychology
  • eye, ear and foot health
  • mental health & wellness
  • esafety
  • Access to a broad range of medical service providers at a reduced cost


The 2016-17  Individual Athlete Support program is currently running and concludes end of March 2017.  The next IASP started April 2017, it runs for a year. 

2017 Application Form


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