South Australian State Side Selections

A special congratulations to ex academy athletes Jordan Fleri and Anthony Carroll for being selected to represent the under 18s south Australian state side and to current athletes Will Kortekaas and Morgan Ruchel for also being selected to represent the under 16s south Australian state side. Furthermore congratulations to Anthony Carroll for making the side for his second time since last year’s state team and Jordan Fleri for his first time making the team. These athletes are all from the same Wanderers Baseball Club in Mildura.  All four country boys will take part in SA state trainings all through December. They will be training in Adelaide twice a week for the first three weeks of December and then three times a week up until the national championships. Moreover they will participate in the Goodwill Games competition that will start on Boxing Day and will end on the 31st of December. All of these trainings will eventually lead up to the under 18’s and under 16s national championship that will be held in Sydney on the 10th -18th of January 2016. The under 18s and under 16s teams going away to play in Sydney both have around 20 people in each squad.  The national championships will go for a total of 8 days.

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