Taylor Hand Wins Female Athlete of the Meet

Sunraysia Academy of Sport athletes excel at State Individual Little Athletics Championships.

A large contingent of athletes from Mildura travelled to Adelaide to compete at the 2014 ‘be active’ SALAA State Individual Championships, which were held on the 22nd-23rd March at Santos Stadium.

The results are as follows:

Sam McGinty (U9 Boys) – Silver long jump (PB), 8th 70m

Isabella McDonald (U9 Girls) – Bronze high jump (PB), 6th long jump, 9th discus, 21st 800m

Zach Stainer (U10 Boys) – 14th Discus

Ivana Demaria (U10 Girls) – Bronze 100m (PB), 5th 60m hurdles,  7th 200m, 23rd long jump

Chanelle Ricardi (U10 Girls) – Bronze discus

Julian Rayner (U11 Boys) – 8th 1100m walk

Samuel Hayes (U11 Boys) – 21st 800m

Jordan Stainer (U12 Boys) – Silver 1500m (PB), 4th 800m (PB)

Marcus Erlandsen (U12 Boys) – 11th 800m, 12th 1500m (PB)

Nathaniel Erlandsen (U12 Boys) – Silver 1500m walk, 7th discus (PB), 12th shot put

Mia Dunbar (U12 Girls) – 8th 400m (PB), 10th 1500m, 10th triple jump, 15th long jump

Novalli Hudson (U12 Girls) – 400m (PB)

Jayden Curtis (U13 Boys) – Gold 1500m (PB), Gold 800m (PB), 5th 400m (PB)

Madeleine Williams (U13 Girls) – Bronze high jump (PB), 6th 80m hurdles (PB), 6th triple jump (PB), 10th long jump (PB)

Sarah Hancock (U13 Girls) – 6th Shot Put (PB), 16th javelin, 18th discus

Rinaldo Pender (U14 Boys) –  Silver 800m (PB), 4th 1500m (PB), 4th 90m hurdles (PB), 6th 200m, 9th Discus

Shaun Jackson (U14 Boys) – 5th 1500m walk, 11th javelin

Alexander Erlandsen (U14 Boys) – 14th 800m, 8th high jump, 15th discus

Zahra Morrish (U14 Girls) – 5th 100m (PB), 4th 200m (PB)

Tess Goodrem (U14 Girls) – 5th 200m (PB)

Neve Goodrem (U15 Girls) – Silver 1500m walk (PB), Bronze 1500m

Montana Beruldsen (U15 Girls) – Bronze discus, 4th javelin, 4th 200m hurdles, 5th triple jump

Asare Amoafo (U16 Boys) – Gold 400m (PB), Silver 100m (PB), Silver 200m

Brodie Jackson (U16 Boys) – Silver 200m hurdles, Silver long jump,  Bronze 100m (PB), 4th 200m, 6th 100m hurdles

Kelly Rayner (U16 Boys) – Gold 800m (PB), Silver 1500m (PB), Bronze 400m (PB)

Nicholas Sleep (U17 Boys)- Gold discus, Gold shot put (state best record), Bronze javelin, 6th high jump (PB)

Taylor Hand (U17 Girls) – Gold 100m (PB and equalled state best record), Gold 200m, Gold 200m hurdles, Gold 400m (PB), Silver 90m hurdles(PB)

Sheree Moore (U17 Girls) – Gold 1500m, Silver 800m (PB),  4th 400m (PB), 4th triple jump (PB), 7th long jump

In total 11 Gold, 12 Silver and 9 Bronze medals were won as well as numerous personal best performances.

The Academy athletes shone with Taylor Hand coming away with 5 medals; 4 Gold and 1 Silver, as well as winning Female athlete of the meet. The second year in a row a Mildura athlete has won this award.  Taylor said ‘she was stoked with her finish to the season, and attributes it to a lot of hard training and great support of fantastic coaches; Emily McClelland and Simon Moran, as well as Sunraysia Academy of Sport ,Club Aquarius, Mildura and District Little Athletics and Salisbury Amateur Athletics Club’. Nicholas Sleep, Kelly Rayner, Brodie Jackson and Asare Amoafo all performed exceptionally well all coming away with 3 medals each.

President, Steve Erlandsen said, “ we are thrilled with the performances of Mildura athletes, by far the best results across many age groups my eight years of involvement.  The results are a tribute to the hard work of the athletes and coaches”, he said.  Steve added “it was terrific to see two of Mildura’s youngest eligible athletes competing for the first time at this level in the under 9 age group – Sam McGinty and Isabella McDonald, who both won medals, an outstanding achievement at this level. “

There were 1,050 athletes competing at the meet representing 45 clubs, all from South Australia except for Mildura and Tennant Creek.

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