Volleyball training camp

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The Sunraysia Academy of Sport’s Volleyball Program has recently received news that their three volleyball coaches have all been invited by the Australian Volleyball Federation (AVF) to attend the 2010 December National Junior Men’s and Women’s selection training camps as part of the coaching staff.

Sunraysia based coach Allan Hassell will be attending the 2010 National Junior Women’s Selection Camp in Moe from December 12, while Horsham based coach David Berry, and Sunraysia coach Brad Hassell will attend the 2010 National Junior Men’s Selection Camp in Bendigo from also from December 12.

In addition to this two female Sunraysia Academy of Sport volleyball athletes, Cara Meyer and Amy Mann, have received invitations to attend the 2010 National Junior Women’s Camp while three of the academy’s male volleyball athletes, Brad Mason, Adrian Fox and Ashby Smith, have received invitations to attend the 2010 National Junior Men’s Selection Camp.

Having all three of the Sunraysia Academy of Sport volleyball program coaches and five of the acadamy’s 2010/11 volleyball athletes receive invitations for the camps is a huge achievement for the academy and further proof that the program is recognised by the National and State bodies.

Cara Meyer was also invited to attend the 2010 AIS Good Neighbour Training Camp, which will be conducted at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Athletes will train, compete and eat at the AIS during this training camp, with accommodation provided close to the AIS facility for all athletes and coaching staff.

The purpose of this training camp is continuing to further develop the systems and structures used by the national teams during international competition.

In addition to the associated training sessions Volleyball Australia have entered two teams consisting of athletes born in either 1994 or 1995 to compete in a senior domestic tournament, the 45th ‘Good Neighbour Tournament’ which attracts over 200 teams from around Australia and takes place on around twenty courts throughout Canberra.

Brad Mason will also be attending the AIS Men’s Junior Scholarship Program and will be hoping to secure one of the scholarships offered by the AIS and make the move to Canberra to participate in the AIS men’s program.

The program incorporates both indoor and beach disciplines and will involve players making a significant life commitment to relocate to Canberra and undertake training and development activities on a daily basis as well as attending school/university.

The program runs on an annual cycle with scholarships being offered and reviewed each year.

The scholarship provides athletes with access to world class volleyball coaching, technique and skill development combined with strength & conditioning and personal athlete case management programs.

The process for selecting athletes for 2011 AIS scholarships began in November commencing with a targeted selection trial camp at the AIS in Canberra that started on November 25.

A match opportunity was available to those in training and was completed last night December 2.

This story appeared in Friday’s Sunraysia Daily 03/12/2010.

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