The concept of establishing an Academy of Sport based in Mildura and servicing the Mallee region of Victoria, the Riverland region of South Australia and the South West region of New South Wales was floated in 1996. In 2001, the Mallee Sports Assembly appointed a steering committee to research the concept and to tackle the task of establishing the Academy.

The steering committee then worked closely with the Victorian Institute of Sport ensuring adherence to the VIS Regional Academy of Sport (RAS) policy.  The SAS received seed funding through the Department of Transport and Regional Services.  In order to receive this funding the academy had to highlight a need for the project and present letters of support.

The academy was successful with the application and received a grant for $88,000 to realise the concept.  This funding was vitally important as the SAS received only seeding funding of $20,000 from the Victorian State Government.

Following confirmation of DOTARS funding the academy then appointed an executive officer and in February 2005 officially started the business.

In June 2007 the SAS received news that our Victorian State Government funding would be increased to $80,000 annually to match the funding received by the other Victorian Regional Academies of Sport. A Program’s Manager was employed part-time to manage all the programs.

In 2016 the structure of the Academy changed and there is an Executive Officer who works full time, who manages the programs as well.

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