Sunraysia Academy of Sport Branding

The Sunraysia Academy of Sport logo (opposite) was designed by one of Sunraysia graphic design company Haynes Design.

All SAS apparel, SAS stationary, SAS Signage, SAS website, SAS Bus signage, SAS Trailer signage, SAS Office signage, SAS Media releases etc display the SAS logo predominately.


SAS is aware of the importance of corporate branding and as such we have utilised our corporate colors in the design and production of our uniforms.

Athletes wearing the SAS ‘Walk Out” Polo Shirt.

Each academy athlete, dependent on the talent development program they are involved in and the program level they are on, receive academy apparel.

Examples of the Sunraysia Academy of Sport Merchandise/Uniforms are:

  • SAS  Walk Out Polo Shirt
  • SAS  Training shirt
  • SAS Trackpants
  • SAS  Track Suit Jacket
  • SAS Socks

The Uniforms are provided by SAS’s partner TOTALLY WORKWEAR Mildura totally-workwear-mildura-mildura-3500-logo

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