Individual Athlete Support Program

With the generous support of Club Aquarius, Sunraysia Academy of Sport are in the position to offer for the first time individual athletes support programs.

The objectives of the program are to focus on a holistic approach to an athlete’s development. Sunraysia Academy of Sport will provide a program that integrates both physical and mental aspects of the sport. An athlete centred approach will focus on the processes needed to achieve both short and long term goals. In doing this, the Sunraysia Academy of Sport will provide off-field programs and sessions to complement the on-field training already being undertaken by the athlete with a coach. The Sunraysia Academy of Sport will provide support to the coaching offered by the local and state body but will not facilitate it.

The selection criteria is as follows:

  1. Athlete must be 12 years or older on 1st January of the current year, and up to 18 years of age
  2. Must reside in the Sunraysia Academy of Sport region
  3. Must commit to the holistic athlete development philosophy of the Sunraysia Academy of Sport
  4. Need to be at a State level (or equivalent)  or above
  5. Applicants need to demonstrate their commitment to competitive sport and representing their district by competing in high level competition and/or representative squads.

Selection can be subjective and for this reason a panel of 3 senior Sunraysia Academy of Sport representatives (including coordinator, manager of programs and a board member) will be involved with making the final selection.

 The structure of the Sunraysia Academy of Sport individual athlete support program has been designed to provide athletes with the following:

–          Individual strength and conditioning (12 month gym membership at Club Aquarius)

–          Sports science (fitness testing and musculoskeletal screening)

–          Athlete career and education sessions (held monthly)

–          Access to a broad range of medical service providers at a reduced cost

–          SAS uniform – polo shirt, tracksuit jacket and singlet

–          An athlete who plays a sport which currently has an official partnership and program in the Sunraysia Academy of Sport will be able to access the coaching sessions at no cost.

The program provides value for money with cost of the 12 month program to be $250, athletes will receive over $600 in value.

There will be an information session held on Monday April 30th 2012 at the Sunraysia Academy of Sport office at 6pm. To register your interest and for further details please contact Deanna Kennedy, Academy Coordinator on 0409 630 889 or email

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