vis-logoSunraysia Academy of Sport is part of a collective of Victoria Regional Academies of Sport (VRAS) and provides pathways for athletes and coaches to progress in their sport through the Victoria Institute of Sport, other sporting associations and National Sporting System.

Sunraysia Academy of Sport currently facilitate nine sporting programs, including;

  • Athletics
  • Clay Target Shooting
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Football (Soccer) Summer Program
  • AFL
  • Netball

Each sporting program runs at different times throughout the year depending on the sport requirements.

Previous Programs have included Basketball and Baseball

There is also an opportunity for talented athletes who are not catered for in the above sports programs to be a part of the Individual Athlete Support Program.  Athletes selected into this program participate in a variety of sports such as; AFL, Archery, motorbike riding,swimming, basketball, cricket, cycling, water ski racing, tournament water skiing, table tennis, touch football and triathlon.

SAS currently has athletes from AFL, Swimming, Archery & Motorbike Riding in the IASP.


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